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Birth Date
4/21/1990 (Taurus)
5' 4" (162 cm)
130 lbs (59 kg)
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Flight Attendant
Marital Status
Never married
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Bogota, Colombia
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I want a good man in my life, a sincere and romantic man with many qualities and inner beauty, an authentic and different man with good values ​​to provide a lasting relationship .. I am not a woman of games .. I'm a mature woman and I want to find the right person for me,I do not want a perfect man, only a sincere and loyal man ..i want have him attention and care for me ,have time to share good conversation, good dinner ... I want a man who is interested to share moments of happiness because I am not a woman of sorrows ...


I really am a passionate, sincere and excellent company, sweet and loving woman .... I have many family values ​​and principles like a person, sometimes I think that the maturity of a person is in their Experiences and achievements and not their age, I'm a very demure woman, I am clear what my path, my destiny. job as a flight attendant on an airline, I'm also learning different languages, such as German and French in my career..I have a good mood, I am a very positive women, all time i am smiling doesn't matter the troubles beacuase I am a woman full of illusions and hope..i love my life


I am a very intellectual girl, I like to read a lot and discuss many interesting topics, i love sports and the gym, I practice the tennis weekends and in my free time i like to take care of my health with aerobic exercise and good nutrition, but i am not a complicated woman. I think it's important to have a mental and physical beauty..I am also a very good cook , learned different recipes from my mother and my country. i am very simple woman, enjoy the simple moments in life with my family and friends .. going to the movies, take a bike ride, dance, sing in the shower, BBQ's, etc. ..... I like to travel and experience different cultures and countries , I'm loving the tranquility of nature , of meditation and art. I think I am not a boring woman....
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