What is Latina Mail Order Bride?

Latina Mail Order Bride participates in the global affiliate network powered by Anastasia International Inc. The company is the world's largest International Introduction and Romance Tour Company, in business since 1993. Anastasia is the industry leader with over 90 million unique yearly users on her combined sites. Over 1200 prominent dating agencies in most major cities of the world work with us. Our international male clientele enjoys the fastest and most popular ways of communicating with Ladies around the world, principally through email correspondence and live video chat. More than 1,500,000 letters are sent by our clients daily. Your message is sent to a local agency, translated free of charge, and sent directly to the lady, who is able to respond at her convenience. Her messages are translated into English and sent directly to your mailbox on the site. With Anastasia Network you can also communicate by phone, live chat to any of the Latina Mail Order Bride ladies. You won’t have to wait long to find out if your lady is interested. No lost mail, no translation costs. Just fast and easy connections with the ladies you wish to meet.

What makes Latina Mail Order Bride and Anastasia Network different to other Introduction Agencies?

Anastasia is a joint Russian-American company that has been in operation since 1993. Anastasia prides itself both on experience and keeping its profiles up to date, ensuring that you deal with only the latest profiles, photos and videos.

Can I use Latina Mail Order Bride to send and receive emails without having my own profile?

No. To communicate with Latina Mail Order Bride ladies you must be a member.

Where do I send and receive my emails?

To send and receive letters is possible with your mailbox.

How does incoming e-mail work?

When a message arrives in your mailbox, an alert notice is automatically sent to your personal email address. When you check your inbox you will see all messages sent to you. Each email will be accompanied by the sender’s photo and basic profile information. You can then choose whether or not to open each message. You are not charged for those you do not open.

Can I send photos in my message?

Yes. The system allows photo attachment.

Are my emails translated for the recipient?

All emails you send in English are translated for the recipient.

What is the privacy policy in regard to all messages?

The agency translators are never aware of your identity and in most cases will not know the identity of the recipient. Furthermore, our translators are professionals accustomed to communications of an intimate nature.

Do I have to read all my messages?

No, you are under no obligation to read or reply to every lady that writes to you, as they all understand that the men using our service are not required to reply to everyone.

What is a credit?

A Credit is a standard unit of purchase at Anastasia Network that allows you to communicate with the ladies registered in the Network.

Why must I purchase credits?

In order to contact Latina Mail Order Bride ladies, view their videos and send them photos you need credits. Registration is free but payment in the form of credits is required for your correspondence. For each message you open or send, you pay 10 credits. Purchased credits are displayed on your account.

How do I purchase credits?

Login to your account page and click on “Purchase Credits” on the lower left-hand side. Fill out the order form, choose your method of payment; Credit Card or PayPal. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete your transaction.

What is your scale of fees?

10 Email Correspondence Credits are deducted from your account for every email you read or send.

Credits Cost:

  • 20 Credits $15.99
  • 40 Credits $30.00
  • 80 Credits $56.00
  • 160 Credits $96.00
  • 320 Credits $185.00
  • 500 Credits $249.00
  • 1000 Credits $399.00
What services do you offer on your site?

Email Correspondence, Phone Translation, Phone Reservation, Instant Call, Flower Delivery, Video Chat and Romance Tours.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover.

How safe is it to pay by credit card?

Very safe. We use the highest rated secure connection. The billing information that you enter on our website is not saved as we use HTTPS servers. This is indicated on the page where you enter your billing information; the address field in the browser window. Once you confirm a purchase, the address changes from http to https, which means that your information cannot be saved or copied even with cookies enabled.

How can I check my account balance?

Simply login and see your account balance on your Homepage. There you will be able to see how many credits you have, a link that will send you the page if you need to buy more, how many emails you’ve sent and received, and your email status.

Is it safe to post my pictures and basic information on my Profile?

Profiles are perfectly safe. Privacy/Safety features include:

  1. Your Last Name, Address, Etc. are NOT included in the listing.
  2. Only Registered Agencies can access Gentlemen’s Listings. They are NOT available to the general public. This means that Latin Women will view the listings while they are physically in a registered agency’s office. There is NO CHANCE that your listing will be seen by friends/neighbors/colleagues.
  3. Your email messages are located on our secure server. Latina Mail Order Bride has a strict confidentiality policy.
How do I edit my profile?

Click on my profile under account on the left hand side of your home page. Please note you must be logged in to make corrections to your homepage.

How do I change my email address?

Once you are logged in go to your home page. On the left hand side under account you will see user info. Click user info. There you will be able to edit any personal information including your email address.

I have met my soul mate on Latina Mail Order Bride! How do I close my account?

Congratulations! Latina Mail Order Bride wishes you a long and happy life together! To close you account contact Customer Service.

How can I tell Latina Mail Order Bride on our success story?

We encourage you to keep coming back and sending us your Love Story. You can do this by contacting Customer Support.